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Plan. Delegate. Coordinate. In one visual, collaborative space.

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Ease of Use
Easy onboarding, fast adoption

Wherever, Whenever !! Take advantage of the mobile app available for the application, & PIN down your requirements before even you forget them. And then force yourself to forget them as someone else is doing that job for you. Not just reminding, but ensuring that your job is complete as only when your job gets completed, the assignee (to whom the job has been assigned) get his appriasal points which wins him his most desired salary hike, bonus, promotion in his department etc. etc. just to name a few.


Flexible and versatile
Create Projects under your control

Best suited for companies working on a specific project with a targeted deadline, and also for companies who like doing things in the most systematic manner possible.

Customize your workflow

Manage your workflow, by assigning tasks to users that fit best to complete them.

Get notified immediately
  • Receive notification the moment any user completes his job.
  • Make every job accountable for every user.
  • Make every user accountable for every job.
  • With you (as an admin) just sitting back & enjoying your Coffee.
Nail Deadlines
Track progress at a glance

Every user within your group can enjoy this luxury by passing on his assigned job to another user within the group, which should not be your worry as long as every task assigned has to be completed within the targeted date assigned for that job.

The moment a job is completed within the targeted date, the user earns himself bonus points which accrue to his account which help him get the appraisal at the end of the financial year. These bonus points makes his position more secure & earns him the right to demand increment as per his performance which even the management cannot deny.

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